Saturday, February 2, 2013

New Year's Resolution

Welcome to the New Year, y'all! It's February, so I'm assuming you're used to writing '2013' now.

Every year as I make my New Year's Resolution, I like to do something that I know I can absolutely accomplish. Transitioning from December 31 to January 1 does not suddenly give you resolve to turn your life inside out. That stuff comes from within, takes time and hardwork. My life is a constant quest to be a better person.

For 2012, my resolution was to always text back when someone texted me. One word responses were not required but became second nature after a while. The reason for this resolution was that I felt since moving out to Denver, I was losing touch with friends and family back home. People would text me, and I wouldn't text them back. I realized that was my fault. I put in more effort, and I now actually enjoy texting.

2013's resolution will be to read one book a month. So I figured in addition to expanding my reading, I would also be given more opportunities to blog. So, as I read my books, I will be writing reviews on them then featuring what the book will be for the next month in case you want to read along.

I finished January's book last week and got started on February. But I'm going to post the review tomorrow. So, see you tomorrow. Happy Saturday, everyone.

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