Sunday, February 3, 2013

January's Book: Big in Japan

This previous month to kick off my New Year's Resolution, I read Big in Japan by Jennifer Griffith.

To be honest, I never would've picked this book up on my own accord. My cousin and her boyfriend own (?) the publishing company that published this book, Jolly Fish Press. And if we're continuing on this plight of honesty, I still wouldn't have picked it up if my cousin hadn't posted that it was on sale for the Kindle for 99 cents. (Okay, so obviously, when I link this on my FaceBook, I'll be blocking her and her bf from seeing it.)

Big in Japan is about a man named Buck who lives in Texas. He's extremely overweight and fairly tall. These things cause him to be the laughing stock throughout his life. He gets a call from his parents one day asking him to accompany them to Japan where his dad is trying to legalize a drug there. The person who's supposed to fund the project wants to meet the entire family. Buck and his family venture to Japan where Buck is introduced by the youngest boy in the project funder's family to sumo wrestling. The story takes you on a "ride" of his journey as a white man into sumo and becoming a celebrity based on his size and falling in love with a teeny, tiny Japanese woman.

Here comes that plight of honesty again, I started the book back in December. It was so slow and difficult to get into. Once my New Year's Resolution kicked in, I figured out how many pages I needed to read to have it done by the end of the month. It was painstaking. The writer was so obviously vanilla Mormon with her choice of curse words for the characters to say like, "Holy cats." Obviously not a reason to stop reading a book but enough for me to roll my eyes up to the sky. At times the book had me turning pages, at other points, I was checking Twitter for @hutchhxcx tweets and DrawSomething for new challenges. Needless to say, I finished the book. Wouldn't recommend picking it up. I linked it up at the top, as you probably saw, and you're obviously free to check it out. I'm content with the 99 cents I paid and wouldn't pay the seven something it costs now. I'm pretty sure I can loan it, don't know how. But if you have a Kindle and want me to loan it to you, just let me know. I'm positive that I've sold it to you. You really might like it, though. I didn't.

Next month's book is How to Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran. I'm a few chapters in and dying inside. This lady's trippin' so hard. My friend sent it to me for free. If you have an iPhone and download iBooks to read it on, I'll send it on over to you. Shoot me your email. So far though, she's been fairly crude and graphic to a point that even makes me queasy.

We'll revisit this in March.

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