Saturday, December 29, 2012

Holiday Catch-Up

In October,  my mother came out for a weekend to visit. It had been since February since I had seen her. We didn't really do anything monumental, and neither of us are good about taking pictures so none were taken. All I can honestly remember from her trip was that I was sort of in a bad mood the whole time because of how work was going at the time for me and because her trip was so short, I was preparing myself to say goodbye the moment she got there. Talking with my therapist about it, I told him, "We had fun, but I could've done better." We shared a laugh at how nothing I ever do is good enough for me. Essentially, I had fun with my mother but just not enough fun. And I felt guilty. I didn't want to think about her trip; I was happy to see her go. In my mind, I couldn't give her what I thought she needed, which was endless hours of Denver style fun.

Skip to November, I'm on the phone with my mother talking about how much time I have off for Thanksgiving (four day weekend). She tells me that her and my father have the same time off and are planning on coming out for the holiday. I find myself not yet believing her. This would be my first time really celebrating a holiday since moving two and a half years ago. I come from a big family (the Mormon way) where holidays are huge and eventful. I moved here where Shelley is estranged from most of her family and holidays just aren't big deals. It's been an adjustment. So, I was elated to hear that my parents were coming to celebrate Thanksgiving. On top of that, I hadn't seen my dad since November before (1 whole year ago).

They drove in on Wednesday night, got in around 3AM. We let them in and went back to bed. Thursday morning, my dad took full control of cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Oh, how grateful I was. I was dreading having to prepare such a big meal. Here's us on Thanksgiving:

As for the rest of their trip, it was just us three. It was like old times in Utah. The weekends we used to spend; dad in driver's seat, mom in the passenger, and me in the middle of the back. Off to movies, off to lunch, off to the reservoir, off to drop-in on family, off to a baseball game, off to anywhere at all. Together, all the time, happy and bickering, happy and bickering.

This time it was my town. With me in the driver's seat, mom in the passenger, and dad in the middle of the back seat. We went Black Friday shopping, and we went to grub. Just happily together, in a different place, in a different head space, better than old times. I snapped one last photo at Hacienda (everyone's favorite Mexican restaurant) before they stole away in the middle of the night on Saturday.

With the mom and the girlfriend

Before I knew it, it was already Christmas. This year I was nothing but excited. Every Christmas in the past has been incredibly difficult being away from family, but I suppose this year, I knew what to expect. 

Shelley and I spent a lot of December in our pajamas, cozied up in our bed under Christmas lights, sipping on hot chocolate.

For Christmas Eve, we decided to go to The Melting Pot and have ourselves a little fondue. We had a most splendid time. Aside from my cold I suffered from all Christmas weekend. 



Getting our drink on from the perspective of Shelley's instax mini

I had the most delicious yin and yang martini. I'm not convinced that was alcohol, rather just a delicious ice cream treat. Shelley enjoyed a strawberry daiquiri. I'm not a big fan of Melting Pot's daiquiri, too sweet, not enough tart.

Christmas morning, we opened our presents and napped a lot.

Shelley perhaps a little too excited at a pinwheel of sticky notes I told my mom to throw in with her $100 gift card. I'm telling ya, she was more excited about that pinwheel. Me with some underwear and black forest cookies. Yum-a-dum.

Top Left: Olive playing with her ladybug toy Top Right: Olive concerned?
Bottom Left: Olive trying to get into our stockings Bottom Right: Tuckered from Christmas morning

Shelley and I had a fantastic Christmas, and it was super hard to go back to work. Shelley went to a conference down in Colorado Springs. She paid for a hotel, and I stayed with her each night and just commuted back up to Denver for work. I love staying in hotels; I just love the idea of traveling, anywhere at all. 

Friday afternoon, when Shelley got back from her business trip, we got a postcard in the mail from our dear friend Duff who moved to Chicago.

    I am loving Shelley's long hair. She is so beautiful.

Now to kick off my New Year's weekend, I threw my back out at work trying to carry a wheelchair up a flight of stairs. Ice and rest, yay!

I do have plans of being a DD this weekend. Wish me luck. Not exactly my scene.


  1. I'm so glad you had a good holiday season! I'm sorry about your back! Here's hoping you heal quickly and well :)

  2. I love the pinwheel of post its. pretty dang cool. and I love that you had such a great Christmas :)