Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Truth

A couple of months ago, I posted here about getting a new job and briefly explained the difference between a group home and a day program. I told y'all if you had any questions, ask 'em, and I'd be happy to answer them. I got one question. Typical, better than typical really. Anyway, I'll use this post to go above and beyond the question:

Kent and Leisy write:
"Kent worked for a company in provo doing the group home thing for awhile! holy smokes! what an exhausting (mentally/physically/emotionally) job!! and he had the most outrageous stories every single day. How's the day program going?! "

It ain't no walk in the park. But it sure is better than working in a group home. So, uhh...I hope that covers your question.

Keep 'em coming.

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  1. That was the shortest response to an open ended question ever. Hahaha, Just sayin. Love you.