Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day Program

I talked to my friend yesterday, and she acted like I didn't say what I did for my new job in my last post. Except, she's a liar because I said I'd be quitting the group home I worked at and starting at a day program. So I guess I was being too general. There is a large portion of the population who have no idea what I'm talking about.

I was working at a group home for adults with developmental disabilities. Well, still working there. I switched to on-call, but I'm absolutely sick of that place and am officially quitting at the end of this month. Anyway, a group home is not a senior living center; it's not even assisted living. It's a house in a neighborhood that looks just like all the other houses in the neighborhood. Except, instead of having a family or friends who rent together, it has a group of people with developmental disabilities (mental and physical) living inside of it. A company hires people to come and give care to the people at the house. These duties include making meals, helping with all bathroom tasks, providing activities, assisting with whatever you do in your daily life independently, and keeping track of those daily activities as well as their health. The shifts are as normal as anywhere else (4 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours). The environment is supposed to feel like a home, not a medical establishment.

A day program for adults with developmental disabilities is taking those individuals in group homes (and the like) and giving them activities outside of the home Monday-Friday. There are people who call this place a school or a maybe a job. The day program I work at has me and two of my coworkers take a group of up to 8 people out in the community to work on personal goals and, again, get out of the house. There is another group, but I'm in a specific group with a specific amount of people. At a day program, you still assist in things like toileting and the likes.

I hope that clears things up. I'd be happy to answer any questions left in my comments. But it's not like anyone ever leaves comments.

A picture of Kim Peek, the "real Rain Man." Blogs are supposedly supposed to have lots of pictures. So, my bad for not posting more!

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  1. Kent worked for a company in provo doing the group home thing for awhile! holy smokes! what an exhausting (mentally/physically/emotionally) job!! and he had the most outrageous stories every single day. How's the day program going?!