Thursday, April 19, 2012

Eyes Lips Eyes

Press play now so you can listen while you read like I like to do:

In my teen years, I loved supporting the local music scene in Utah. I spent every weekend from 13 to 17 going to at least one concert. One night, this was in 2004, I saw a band called The Elizabethan Report and hit them up. They were all very nice, and that sparked a love interest for me. I messaged them on MySpace constantly. I was deemed their number two fan. I went to all of their concerts. Around 2007, when they had been going through a lot of changes, they left the scene for a little while to work through it all.

When they came back a year or so later, they had a lady who joined them. I was still digging the music but wasn't digging the lady. I went up to the merch table that first night they were back, and she was standing there. I asked to have a CD for free, and the woman said no. I was mortally offended and informed her how important I was meaning I deserved it for free. She still said no. I waited til she left the table then purchased the damn CD anyway. I proceeded to inform the band I didn't like their new member, and I wouldn't support them as long as she was in the band. Yeah, I was THAT dramatic. I went home that night and opened up their CD. At the end of the long list of names for people they thanked, mine was the very last. I was pretty embarrassed.

A long while after that, I went to see another show of theirs. This was after the lady left because even though I knew I was being petty, I couldn't give up the act. I sent them an email after the show telling them I was sorry, and they sounded great. I didn't see them again ever after that.

They eventually moved to LA, and I eventually moved to Denver. They changed their name to Eyes Lips Eyes. I followed them closely but not creepy close like before. I saw they released a couple albums and got my paws on both. The other week, I was on Facebook and decided to go to their page. I saw they were coming to Denver, and even better, it was a night that I already had off of work.

I wondered certain things like, "Will they remember me?" "How awkward will this be?" I went for it anyway. When I saw Tony, I hiked my pants up and ventured right on over. He casually said "hey" as a pleasantry to whoever this person was that walked up to him, and he did a double take. He seemed very excited to see me, and he took me over to talk to the rest of the band. Everyone seemed genuinely excited to see me. They all said they've wondered what I've been up to, and the feeling was mutual. It was such an amazing experience. I felt giddy as all get out. They put on an amazing show, as always. I was so starstruck and infatuated all over again.

I described it to my mother today as looking through a live photo album. It made every stress of the last few weeks disappear. Seriously so happy to have had that experience.

Duff and I

Tessi, Duff, and I

So excited

Tony, who got married in September, too bad?

Did you enjoy the song I put at the start? I took video from the concert if you want to watch more, here and here.

Here's their website. Here's their youtube. I'm giving you all this info because if you like them, they're trying to release a CD. It's on PledgeMusic. They've got lots of fancy pledge options, and I really want what I pledged for. If they don't reach their goal, they can't release the CD, and I don't get what I pledged for! Ahh! So please, if you like them, consider it. Here's the link.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Ring

Things have been crazy at work. I found it odd that I told people in my life how happy I had been for a while there, and a few of them told me, "This too shall pass." I'm sorry. What the hell? Are you that miserable seeing me anything other than miserable? It was like a bad omen. I swear, the third person said it and everything started taking a turn for the worse. Anyway, that's hardly the point.

I wanted to write a post about Shelley's ring. After searching for a long while, she finally settled on one from Gemvara.

Look how cute the box is all wrapped in a bow.

The stone is a red garnet because we don't do diamonds. If you've ever watched Blood Diamond, you'd know that diamonds come from a slave trade where the diamond companies end up buying the diamonds harvested in African mountains for weapons to the guerrilla gangs that enslave their fellow citizens, murdering and raping the women, stealing the children, and making the men work all day and night with no pay and no food. (Mega run-on sentence.)

What a pretty stone now, huh?

It really is pretty. Shelley made a great choice.

I was trying so hard to snap a picture of the words I inscribed, but I couldn't get the camera to focus. You can kind of see it. It says, "In Love, Time Flies." I sing "Blue Skies" (the Willie Nelson version) to Shelley at night and when she's upset. The chorus goes, "Never saw the sun/ Shining so bright/ Never saw things/ Going so right/ Noticing the days/ Hurrying by/ When you're in love/ My how time flies." 

I'm thrilled to be engaged to the love of my life. Shelley's amazing, and I can't get enough of her. Being with her makes the craziness of my job all worth it. I'm so lucky to have her.

I'm buying myself this engagement ring soonish.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Gee Zus

Between the Mormons having General Conference last weekend and it being Easter today, all the blogs I follow have been a bit preachy. So here's something to cleanse your palate.

And don't worry, I'm just going through a phase.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I Want My Brother Back (Song)

I've been wanting to put this song up for a long while now, and I figured I can't do so without explaining the song first. I love explaining my songs. I'm such an amazing person. No, really, I mean it. I am.

So, the song is called "I Want My Brother Back." I wrote it in my senior year of high school when my brother, who is five years older than me, went to jail for the first time. He went to jail for drug use, and my father was unfortunately the one who had to press charges against him.

I was walking out of school for the day, and my friend (Chantel) and I were walking to my car. As we walked past where I had thought I parked it, I assumed I parked it a bit further and Chantel thought I had left the campus for lunch and parked elsewhere when I came back. We kept walking without saying a word to each other. When we had gotten near the end of the row, we looked at each other and asked together where the car was.

Having had an intervention with the family earlier in the week, where my brother had his car keys taken away, my shoulders slumped and I knew the car had been taken. I was heartbroken and so pissed off. I asked Chantel to turn around with me and go talk to the school's police officer.

We went and reported the car stolen. He informed me that if we reported it stolen, when it was found, the person in the car would be held at gunpoint. He asked if I was sure I wanted to do that to a person if it was just a friend playing a prank. I stated I knew who it was, and that I definitely wanted that individual pulled over at gunpoint. Give the little prick a scare, I thought.

He asked where the car had been parked that morning, and he turned on the parking lot camera. He jiggled the view til I saw that my car was in the stall I had parked it in. I thought this was an old video and said, "Yeah, that's my car right there." Then I saw the door open, assumed it'd be me getting out of the car, and it was my brother. The video was live and sure enough, my brother had stolen the car. Up to that point, I felt I had never experienced such betrayal. The officer went after him and asked him why he had taken the car. My brother said he needed the car for a job interview. I told the officer he was a liar and never should've let him go.

He told me to go home, and he said he'd call my dad and talk to him about the car being stolen. I drove past my brother on the way home, leaving him behind to walk, with the feelings of extreme hatred towards him that I had been feeling since I found out about his drug problem.

In the time it took me to drop off my friend and get home, my father had told the officer he wanted to press charges and to go search him for drugs. When the drugs were found, he was carted off to jail. I was so done with him. My brother was dead to me and rotting in jail.

Then the worst part of all came, I had to go visit him in jail. I was terrified. Walking into the visitor entrance, I was holding both of my parents hands, hiding behind them, ready to run at any point. We walked through the metal detector, gave our ID's, and headed to the waiting room. I wanted to puke. I was so incredibly nervous and petrified.

They let our visiting group through the doors, and my parents and I held hands and walked down the long hall together. I don't remember the order of who took the phone first and which parent sat back in the other chairs lining the hall with me while I buried my head in their shoulder. Eventually, it was my turn.

I reluctantly walked up to the window and picked up the phone. We sat there exchanging shallow pleasantries as my voice and body shook and I refused to look at him. After a couple of minutes, he asked me to look at him. I looked up and began to cry. I told him I didn't want to do this. Hung up the phone and walked away, asking one of my parents to take my turn.

My mother had a second turn as I cried in my father's arms. I'm sure I looked ridiculous, but my heart had broken. I couldn't lie and say I didn't care. I did. He was my brother after all. I wrote this song after that experience. I hope you enjoy it.

Sorry for the quality of sound.

Here are the lyrics:

It's been a long road,
And I think it's time for you to come home now.
I never thought I'd say it,
But I miss you
I wanted to hate you,
As much, as I could.
But I love you,
Like a good friend, would. 
I'm sorry we're at where we're at
Right now.
And I'd like to help you fix you up somehow. 
Maybe today will change the tide.
Maybe tonight you will win the fight.
Maybe today you can make things right.
Maybe tonight we'll win the fight together. 
I'd like to sit in the corner of your room and watch movies with you.
I'd like to break your Nintendo 64 when I lose.
I'd like to bring your blow gun to Sounds EZ and get kicked out.
I'd like you to play dead on April Fool's
And years later, I'll tell you I never fell for it.
Let's keep making good memories that stick. 
Maybe today will change the tide.
Maybe tonight you will win the fight.
Maybe today you can make things right.
Maybe tonight we'll win the fight together. 
Maybe today will change the tide.
Maybe tonight you will win the fight.
Maybe today you can make things right.
Maybe tonight we'll win the fight together.

Now, I don't want my brother to see this. It's been a few years since this all went down, and I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate me talking about it. He says he's recovered, and I don't think a recovering drug addict would appreciate you bringing up the past. At least, I know he wouldn't. I'm still not close to my brother, so it won't be hard to keep this from him. But if you know him, don't share this with him. Please and thank you.