Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Cover

I have this remarkable way of holding onto the past. I seem to get caught up in the idea that no one has and ever will experience the heartache and betrayal that I have. I get so mad and so stuck in a rut.  I created this playlist a while ago called "Getting Over You." I wanted to create this playlist in order to avoid self-loathing and pity. It was twelve self-empowering, fuck you songs. I decided to cover "I'm Sorry, Baby, But You Can't Stand in My Light Anymore" by Bob Mould. Here's the original.

"I'm sorry, baby, but you can't stand in my light anymore.
You're moving back to the shadows.
I can't fight this anymore.


I let you get up close to me.
I let you feel the warm and the calm.
But you resisted, it took me time to notice.
But now I see the shadows as they fall.


I'm sorry, baby, but you can't stand in my light anymore."

On another note, I wanted to do a cover like Ruthie does covers, but I'm not that cool. In fact, now instead of being stuck on the past, I'm stuck on the fact that I can't do covers. I think I do write some pretty awesome songs on my own. I'll post some of those for redemption later.

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