Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome to 2012. We've Been Waiting For You.

Hello all,

It is now the year 2012. The year we've all been dreading. December 21st, the end of the world, is just around the corner. I'm not sure I'm ready for this, but I know the zombies are.

However, I'm about as ready as I'm gonna be. I informed Shelley where we hide the bat. Ya know, most people wouldn't hide their bats, but I believe all weapons are something to be stored away. Why, tell me why would you just leave a gun sitting out. You wouldn't. So, like I said, Shelley knows where the bat is. We'll have to work on techniques with it, but we do have til December. From what I understand, zombies cannot climb stairs. But there seems to be a serious amount of confusion on that matter as I see it defied in movies all the time. It is nice to remember they don't move fast, and they're not fully functioning. Keep a cool head this coming year and remember you're faster, stronger, better than the zombs. We're calling 'em "zombs" these days, by the way.

In other news, I already told you about Christmas. It was pathetically stupid, but I got some sweet freakin' presents. Shelley bought me a Kindle and a new electric guitar starter kit (meaning it has an amp and all with it). Shelley got a new camera, so it seems a time for us to pick up our old hobbies and try a fresh start at them.

Pretty sure Shelley joined straight hipster status at this point. She makes safety pin bracelets, coffee mug cozies, light switch plate covers, and enjoys taking pictures. She also just bought a new pair of skinny legged jeans. Yup, that's my hipster.

For New Year's Eve, we went to dinner with a friend named Tessi. She's obsessed with Ricky Gervais and has a small resolution to stop obsessing over him for the next two weeks. The day she gets to obsess over him again is the day he hosts the Golden Globes. That's pretty convenient, eh?

Such a good picture. Anyway, we went to T.G.I.Friday's for dinner. Shelley and I were the super uncool friends we are and went home at like 8, maybe earlier. Who was looking? Shelley and I went home and watched a movie (Forces of Nature, terrible), and I fell asleep on the couch at like 10:30 while she cleaned. We had a midnight kiss and went to bed.

Now, I sure hope all of your activities went well. I hope you all stayed safe and warm.


P.S. How do you like this blog with pictures?

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