Saturday, November 12, 2011

That's What You Missed On...

"If I Could Talk to LEE." Oh man, I did not plan that. And you only got it if you watch Glee.

Anyway, I've been lacking on my posting, so here I am to catch you all up.

-I went to Utah to visit family and friends as well.
-I got new glasses while there.
-My mother sent me home in her car. I flew out to Utah and drove back to C.O. in my mom's old car, my new car. It's name is Eldon (meaning "elder servant.")
-I got Shelley into Glee, and while fighting the desire to like it as well, decided I liked it. Ugh.
-I lost my dear friend at work. She's moving to Virginia, and my heart feels empty. Work sucks worse now.
-I started a new job hunt. Work sucks bad now.

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