Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dear Lee: Epiphany

Hey Lee,

I'm lying here in bed, and I finally had something just click. I've always known that when things got too overwhelming for me, I just stopped functioning but never known why. I avoid at all costs things that are too hard for me to face head on. When someone asks me too many questions that I can't answer, I shut down. I think it's fairly normal to not function well under pressure, but for me, it's an everlasting feeling. You've ruined that moment. You've ruined whatever that thing was for me. I won't want to revisit that thing that pressured me ever again.

So, my epiphany is: when push comes to shove, I just lay down.

And that's all I've "epiphanized" because, you know, thinking more about this is far too much pressure.

Miss your dialogue, Lee.


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