Saturday, August 13, 2011


Regarding Too Cool for School, I did not get approved for in-state tuition. They want me to be married or 23. Forget it!

Regarding Exacting My Revenge, I never did. I never sent that letter. I asked Shelley if she loved the idea (thinking she would), and she said, "Well, do you really need to harm his wife?"

Regarding Who's Lee?, I sure have gone away from my letter writing style, haven't I? Maybe I'll put them into two different styles of posting. Don't know.

Regarding The Thermals to a Man and Audience Who Don't Care, I've got another music post coming your way. Someone else has stolen my heart.

Regarding Shelley's Birthday, I never went to see The Thermals. I got sick. How stupid is that? But my birthday has come and gone. It was good. I got a Wii and a grill. Bomb!

Regarding Can't Shake, I shook.

And that's it. I'm pretending it matters this much to you.

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  1. You know, I found your blog in the middle of the night in a dank motel on my way home from San Francisco. My parents were asleep in the next bed and the only light in the room was coming from the laptop where your words shone. And for some reason every time come back to this page, this blog, I get the same feeling I got then: magic. There's something very pure about your words, your blog in general. It feels real, and raw. It's something I feel I've lost from my own blog. You don't cater to your readers, because you don't know who's reading. I hope to get that back. It's like taking a step into real life, your blog.
    I just thought you should know.